Mr. Edgar Savisaar

INTA Member
Tallinn City Government

Mayor of Tallinn


Mr. Edgar Savisaar

Vice President of INTA

Edgar Savisaar, born in 1950, is one of the leading figures in the political arena of Estonia. He has founded one of the biggest parties in Estonia - the Estonian Centre Party in 1991, and is the Chairman of the Party since its foundation.

A historian by education (Tartu State University, 1973; PhD 1981), Mr Savisaar’s rapidly growing political career has been marked with the posts of the Minister of Economic Affairs of Estonian SSR (1990), the first Prime Minister of the newly independent Republic of Estonia (1990 – 1992), Deputy Chairman of the Riigikogu (Parliament) (1992 – 1995), Chairman of the Tallinn City Council (1996 – 1999 and 2005) and Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications (2005-2007).

Mr Savisaar has been elected as the member of the VII, VIII, IX and X Riigikogu (Parliament) (1992 – 2001). It is the second time for Mr Savisaar to be in the post of the Mayor of Tallinn: first time he held this position in 2001 - 2004 and second time since March 2007, having been reelected in 2009 and 2013.

In the Tallinn City Council, Mr Savisaar’s party – the Estonian Centre Party holds absolute majority with 46 seats of 79. In Estonian Parliament the Centre Party has the third biggest faction and is in opposition. Mr Savisaar is the author of numerous articles, books and publications. He has four children and two grandchildren.

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