Ms. Clara Gaymard

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Ms. Clara Gaymard

Having been appointed City initiative Leader since August 2010, Clara Gaymard has confirmed both her noteworthy work as GE International Vice-President for Government Strategy and Sales & as GE France National Executive, successfully implementing the accuracy of her strategic vision about government relations and public sector procurements. Before this appointment Clara had been the executive of North-West Europe Region since October 2008. Alongside this new position Clara Gaymard is still covering her CEO role for GE in France. Since she has been managing GE in France, Clara has succeeded in triggering a better consistent strategy for the different businesses, has dramatically boosted the sales and has favored a comprehensive visibility for the company among decision makers, influencers, and towards public opinion.
Prior to joining GE, Clara Gaymard achieved an outstanding career within the French administration. After she completed her ENA degree, Clara joined the State Audit Office as an auditor, then as a counsellor. From 1991 to 2003, she held several positions in the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, had been focusing on SME investment and economic development as a deputy director.

In 2006, her appointment as Ambassador, President of Invest In France Agency (AFII) was a conclusive crossroads. Heading the Agency, Clara Gaymard was been bringing to a more accurate and actual focus into the issues of innovation and private-public collaboration to favour the economic prosperity.

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