Mr Didier Drummond

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Compagnie Didier Drummond

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Mr Didier Drummond

Architect and urban planner, Didier studied Fine Arts under the guidance of landscaper Bernard Lassus. He learnt his craft in Brazil with the Oscar Niemeyer practice and the «favelas» of Rio de Janeiro. In 1978, on his return from Brazil, he was awarded his architects diploma and published his thesis on the informal housing. Subsequently, he won many commissions and was given full responsibility of a wide variety of projects. In 1981, he established his own practice and worked on a wide variety of projects covering urban planning and landscaping, dwellings, public sector projects, rehabilitation of older buildings and furniture design. Since 1997, he lectured in architecture and urban planning both in France at Ecole d'Architecture Paris Seine, and at the University of Beirut in Lebanon. Nominated as special advisor for urban development he is a member of several International Architectural and Urban planning jury: Urban Development of St Denis University in North Paris area; Public infrastructure in France and Lebanon; Urban planning, Public spaces and Landscaping of several districts in Paris and Beirut.

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