Mr. Michael Moradiellos del Molino

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Mr. Michael Moradiellos del Molino

Since, and during, his architectural studies in Bruxelles (diploma work in 2002), develops a high compromise with management and innovative entrepreneurship, being the leader of several Student Associations (CVH, Hortacitylink) and in charge of the management of complex events in the city. After a powerful experience in India, he decides to take a chance in Spain, the Architecture’s ”El Dorado” for young architects on those years and purchase a PhD in Sustainable urban development at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. The same year he started collaborating with the young architecture office Nodo17 to set up an office from zero to a middle company, working there during three years.
Director of the [R]activa04 workshops, founding partner of Urbanacción and other innovative structures, he started to see clearly what are his abilities and how “make things
happen, faster”.
He then began to work at ecosistema urbano architects as the director of communication. Two years later he became a partner and worked as the director of international business development, in charge of marketing and sells, as well as creating work for a non-conventional office during five years. In 2011 he decided to found in Spain outsidethebox|tm to add value to architecture offices through innovative services and management strategical vision, and he is also founding partner of “Lateral Thinking Factory”, supporting projects according to the Cradle to Cradle principles with a multidisciplinary network of world experts, including Michael Braungart and William Mc Donough.

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