Mr. David Kooris

City of Bridgeport


United States

Mr. David Kooris

Director of the Office of Planning and Economic Development of Bridgeport, CT. (USA)

I basically serve as deputy mayor for land use for Connecticut's largest city. Oversee eight divisions covering entire land use suite from long-range planning and economic development to zoning and buildings. Working to reposition a struggling post-industrial city into a model for sustainability. We are working off an award winning sustainability and energy plan.

My office focuses on five strategies:

1. Downtown revitalization - developing affordable rental units above ground floor retail (including shared work spaces, etc..) all within walking distance of a regional bus hub and a commuter rail station along the northeast corridor

2. Eco-industrial park - attracting green businesses that use waste as inputs to their processes to a district that has planned or implemented presence of fuel cells, solar arrays, thermal loop, grey water pipeline, and digesters

3. Health corridor - linking public education with healthcare and medical manufacturing to create a path out of poverty and a path to prosperity for two of the poorest neighborhoods in the wealthiest state in the nation

4. Waterfront recapture - creating continuous public access along miles of coastline within a context of adjacent communities whose waterfront is almost completely privatized

5. Neighborhood revitalization - removing blight, beautifying, traffic calming / pedestrianization, and transitioning commercial auto-oriented corridors to mixed-use transit corridors

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