Mr. Jeroen Laven

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Mr. Jeroen Laven

Jeroen Laven (1969) is a partner at Stipo, team for urban planning, and member of the board of Inspiring Cities (international network for cities and culture) and the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam.

Stipo is a knowledge team, based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.  Stipo works for local authorities, housing corporations and other parties.

The operating area for Stipo projects is urban development and social-spatial strategy. People’s lives are central, now and in the future. In Stipo we combine expertise in urban planning, varying from urban planning and economics, to urban anthropology, psychology and cultural sciences.

Over the last years we see a shift in planning from “making a city” to “being a city”.  This paradigm shift changes the work of planners, and creates opportunities for other groups and organizations to influence the development of cities.   In my talk I will highlight some of the theoretical and practical projects we have worked on in and around the Rotterdam-area. Examples vary from the process to create a child friendly route, a new approach for the street at eye-level (solutions for vacant plinths), new strategies for housing corporations and new ways to develop neighborhood-plans.

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