Mr. Han Meyer

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Mr. Han Meyer

Prof.  V.J. (Han) Meyer (1951) is professor in Theory and Methods of Urban Design at the Technological University Delft (The Netherlands)
After his study at the Technological University of Delft, he worked as an urban planner at the City Planning Department of the City of Rotterdam for ten years, where he was involved with the regeneration of desolate dockland-areas and adjacent residential areas. In 1990 he was appointed at the Delft University, first as Associate Professor Urban Design, from 2001 as full Professor Theory and Methods of Urban Design. He used his experience with urban regeneration in Rotterdam's docklands  in an international comparative study, resulting into the  PhD thesis City and Port – Urban transformations in London, New York, Barcelona and Rotterdam in 1996. Han Meyer was and is member of several national and international scientific committees and advisory boards. He has published a large number of articles in magazines and scientific journals concerning the fundamentals of the discipline of urbanism, the transformations of port-cities, the development of the Dutch urban block, the present state-of-the-art of Dutch urbanism and on 'Delta-urbanism'. He wrote, edited and co-edited seventeen books. Recent books are 'Delta-Urbanism: The Netherlands' (co-edited with Inge Bobbink and Steffen Nijhuis, APA-Chicago, 2010) and 'Complexity Theory of Cities Have Come of Age' (co-edited with Juval Portugali, Egbert Stolk and Ekim Tan, Springer-Berlin, 2012).

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