Dr. Ahmed Zaib Khan Mahsud

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Dr. Ahmed Zaib Khan Mahsud

Sustainable urban development, exploring urban systems and futures, and urban design [history, theory and practice] are his main areas of expertise with particular interest in the emerging field of 'sustainable urbanism'. He pursues this interest in an inter- and transdisciplinary mode with a comparative / cross-cultural framework that focuses on analysing the sustainability paradigm in its own historical evolution and in relation to the ongoing 'globalisation' and 'spatial restructuring' processes.Dr. Khan graduated as an architect (1995), practiced in private sector and also worked for the Public Works department (1995-2000), before pursuing a masters in human settlements (2000-01) and an advanced certificate in EIA (2003).He completed a PhD (2003-08) on critical relationship between theory & practice of urbanism and spatial planning, and developed expertise on 'Ekistics' (the science of human settlements) - the oeuvre of the Greek architect / planner C. A. Doxiadis and his 'City of the Future'. He broadened his research into historiography, issues of globalisation and sustainability dialectics as the AKPIA post-doctoral fellow at MIT (Cambridge, USA, 2008-09), while teaching modernism and green consciousness in architecture & urbanism, and conducting regional landscape & urban design studios at the graduate level. He has lectured extensively on issues of sustainable urbanism, urban form & 'city of the future' at several universities in North America, Europe and South Asia, besides publications in various international journals, such as Positions, JRAP, Ekistics, JAE, IJIA and IPS.

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