Mr. Christopher de Vries

European Infrastructure Laboratory



Mr. Christopher de Vries

Chris received a bacholor degree in architecture from TU Delft and a masters in Urban Design and Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also was research associate at the Harvard New Geograpies Lab and has given several talks on post-disaster urbanism and landscape infrastructural approaches to urban design. During and after his studies Chris worked for various offices such Jo Coenen, West 8, OPSYS, and Zones Urbaines Sensibiles.
Currently Chris is director of the European Infrastructure Laboratory a recently initiated platform that investigates the opportunities infrastructural development in Europe can afford for integrated regional planning approaches. In collaboration with universities and design firms in the Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, and Romania the European Infrastructure Lab is currently working on a territorial design vision for the Rhine-Danube waterway. This waterway has been conceptualized as Europe's Liquid Commons, a space for collaboration and exchange around integrated and sustainable urban development. Chris is also visiting scholar at the TU Delft DSD and has a private design firm.

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