Provisionnal programme 

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Paris, France, Workshop 3&4 SPOTLAB INTA "mut@tions territoriales" in partnership with SNCF, 1st phase INTA Initiative Act 2 "cities and territories in transformation", 9 & 26 January 

icon meeting Toulouse, France, seminar to prepare the international panel on TOD, 5 February
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, WUF 9, side and networking event, 7-13 February 

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Taipei, Taiwan, Technology Forum - Urban Revitalization and Sustainable Redevelopment, organized by INTA and Federation of the Real Estate Associations of Taiwan, 13-16 March

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Malmö, Sweden, INTA41 World Congress Partnership for sustainable cities and communities, 16-17 April

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Toulouse, France, international panel on TOD, tbc

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Lyon, France, Award Ceremony European Trophy "Le Monde Innovation", INTA Award for Citizen Participation, 17 May

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Nice, France, participation in the Innovative City Forum, 27-28 June 

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Cork, Ireland, Academy of Urbanism Congress, 28-29 June

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Singapore, Award Ceremony World Trophy "Le Monde Innovation", INTA Award for Citizen Participation, July 5-7

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Rostock, Germany, INTA42 Congress on innovation in medium sized cities, tbc




















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