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Fernando Nunez Da Silva is appointed Vice – President of RUITEM

RUITEM – The Ibero-American University Network for Territories and Mobility

RUITEM – The Ibero-American University Network for Territories and Mobility is a collaborative project between working groups of universities belonging mostly to Ibero-American countries.

RUITEM’s objectives :

  • To collaborate for exchange of experiences and technologies, in the areas of planning, infrastructure, environment, tourism and public management, between the different Ibero-American countries through the universities and specific working groups, as well as through collaboration with companies.
  • To promote meetings between universities for training purposes, whether in debate forums, seminars, post-graduate courses, masters or doctorate degrees.
  • To collaborate with public administrations or commercial entities in training and consulting tasks.
  • To promote interaction and collaboration between companies, universities and administrations in different countries.
  • To access, when deemed appropriate, through the working groups, the proposals of multilateral organizations : Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, EIB or similar, as well as those of the corresponding administrations.

Organisation :

President :Dr. Modest Batlle (Uni. Politécnica de Cataluña)
Vice-President :Dr. Fernando Nunes da Silva (Inst. Técnico Superior de Lisboa)
Vice-President :Dr. Francisco Islas (Uni. Anáhuac México)
Honorary Vice-President :Dr. Pere Macias (Uni. Politécnica de Cataluña)
Executive Secretary :Ing. Juan Manuel Manrique
Western Delegation :Dr. Jose Luis Bonifaz  (Uni. del Pacífico de Lima)
Central Delegation :Dr. Ortiz Garmendez (Uni. de El Salvador)
Caribbean Delegation :Dr. Gilberto Javier Cabrera (Uni. de La Habana, Cuba)

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