Application to Engage Communities and Places

in a New Urban Health Culture




Health & Places debate cycle

6 debates from October 2018 to May 2019

Discover the first phase of our programme, through summaries of the debates we conducted on the relationship between health and urbanism.



Meet the places already engaged

Experimentation in contrasting urban contexts (metropolis, peri-urban, average city, rural). Co-design of solutions between local and international actors.



Our Health & Urbanism Think-Tank

Platform for monitoring, reflection, proposals and experimentation working to the establishment of a new culture of health in urbanism.


Rebuilding the links between Health and Urbanism

The Pilot Healthy Places programme contributes to the improvement of the health and well-being conditions of the inhabitants by renewing the links between Health and Urbanism actors.

Why should we link Health and Urbanism ? While more than half of the world's population lives in cities with a growing trend, health is at the heart of urban issues in the 21st century, in particular through two major societal challenges : on one hand the aging of the population in North countries and the demographic changes in society, adaptation to climate change on the other.

How ? INTA and Urbapilot are partners in this Pilot Healthy Places programme. We claim a "Lab" way of working that aims at developing collective (and subjective) solutions to counterbalance the dehumanization of indicators and evaluation grids. The goal is to rely on the existing (the places but especially the people) to understand the links between health / social / environment / urbanism, but especially to test the potential of social innovation of places and their actors through a three-step methodology.

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