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Accepting to live with intranquillity

INTA would like to thank Mr. Chapuis for his experienced view of the world of urban planning and the role that elected officials and citizens can play in it. From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2021, he wrote about fifteen columns on various subjects: collapse theory, major transitions, citizenship and democracy, ecology, individualism, …

To chronicle the evolution of the world that is being built and transformed under the pressure of major transitions, INTA asked Jean-Yves Chapuis to draw on his experience as an elected planner and to share his analyses and points of view on these ruptures that worry humanity.

Driven by a vision and a sense of mission, and with a passion for reaching out to others, this essay recounts both the experience of a practitioner faced with the ‘terrible glitches of reality’ and the distance maintained from the exercise of municipal power. It is basically a synthesis of an approach as an elected official, teacher and consultant in urban strategy.

LE LYS BLEU publishing house

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