Vers un Fonds de Développement des Villes Africaines

L’Afrique compte actuellement trois villes de plus de 10 millions d’habitants (17,7 millions au Caire, 13,12 millions à Lagos et 11,58 millions à Kinshasa); 4 villes où la population est comprise entre 5 et 10 millions d’habitants; 49 villes avec une population de 1 à 5 millions d’habitants; 53 villes de 500 000 à 1 […]

Towards an African Cities Development Fund

Africa currently has three cities with more than 10 million inhabitants (Cairo 17.7 million, Lagos 13.12 million, and Kinshasa 11.58 million); 4 cities where the population is between 5 and 10 million inhabitants; 49 cities with a population of 1 to 5 million; 53 cities with between 500,000 and 1 million inhabitants; and 85 cities […]

Profits without production: towards the financialization of the city

Article from ADP – Villes en développement //Learn More The financialisation of the city is a matter of concern for many players today. These include INTA – the International Urban Development Association – a global network of urban decision-makers and practitioners, from both the public and private sectors. Lola Davidson is the Association’s Deputy Secretary […]

INTA42 – Technical visit 3: Reducing spatial inequalities – inclusive neighbourhoods

Slideshow presentation Speakers: Thorsten Gebhards Rostock’s Company for urban renewal, urban development and housing construction with LtD (RGS) Christian Hanke Neighbourhood manager Dierkow “Volkssolidarität“ district chapter city of Rostock registered association begegnungszentrum-dierkow/ Barbara Genschow Institute of Economics for Market Research, Evaluation, Structure Ellen Fiedelmeier & Maria Schulz Entrepreneur Association Rostock Mecklenburg-West Pomerania […]

INTA42 – Technical visit 2: Nurturing the hidden champions of medium-sized cities, case Regiopolis Rostock

How Regiopolis Rostock can become more successful in the competition for talents, experts and high potentials? First steps towards a strategy: Living close to the city center and working on “high potentials with entrepreneurial affinity” fare from usual “technology center approach” and the usual middle class´ individual solutions: Constitution and settlement of a metropolitan city […]

INTA42 – Technical visit 1: Creation of urban value: waterfront renewal

Regiopole Rostock is a growing and prosperous community. Rostock prepares its quantum leap: the city center of the polycentric city is to be extended. According to development studies Rostock and its catchment area serve about 550.000 inhabitants. The historic inner city center and its western outskirts have been renewed during last 28 years. To raise […]

INTA41 – Partnerships for sustainable cities and communities – Report

This Congress organised alongside the City of Malmö and the Nordic City Network, was an opportunity to share experience and good practice with city leaders and urban practitioners from around the globe – 23 countries were represented. The sessions featured thematic discussions on partnerships for sustainable cities and communities with technical visits and workshops demonstrating […]

Vers un projet opérationnel d’habitat intergénérationnel et inclusif

Approche « solidaire » ou approche médico-sociale ? L’approche dite solidaire suppose une sensibilisation de l’intégralité des habitants à un projet de résidence, voire une sensibilisation des riverains (parce que tabous autour du handicap…). Mais la sensibilisation est-elle suffisante ? L’approche solidaire suppose aussi d’accepter une marge d’insécurité. Face aux fragilités, et afin de réaliser […]