INTA42 - Technical visit 4: Sustainable mobility - Integrated public transport : advantage for completing urban development

Rostock as a regiopole and a medium sized city with 210.000 inhabitants has to face typical
challenges like similar cities all over Europe.
• too much car traffic, traffic jam, traffic noise, air pollution, traffic accidents, too much
space for cars instead for living (see city harbour)
• 50.000 commuters daily (30.000 in, 20.000 out) most of them by car.

Modal split: 14 % bicycle, 33 % pedestrian, 17 % public transport, 36 % car
Rostock tries to solve these problems with a lot of multimodal offers: city trains, trams (6
lines) and busses (26 lines), cycling promotion, traffic calmed zones, mobility and traffic
management. In preparation: bicycle highways, bicycle parking lots at main station, eferries, extension of tram network among other things.

Strategies and concepts: Masterplan Mobility “MOPZ”, mobility management concept, emobility strategy, a modern local parking rule.

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