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Report from our American partner NAHRO on the INTA35 conference
U.S. representatives at INTA 35 included a delegation of four NAHRO members. NAHRO delegation member Joseph Gray was impressed by “the opportunity to have a growing relationship with an international urban development organization” and stated, “It’s clear that INTA has a broader membership that goes beyond Europe. I was impressed with the number of workshops [covering topics] beyond Europe.”

As a former city manager from Portland, Maine, Mr. Gray spoke on a panel that included an architect from Italy, a mayor from Iran, and an artist from France, and had the opportunity to experience the Congress’ diversity firsthand. The session, titled “Spatial Segregation and Responsibility,” focused on the challenge of spatial segregation in urban centers and initiatives being undertaken to build connections within metropolitan regions. In his remarks, Gray emphasized the local government’s strong role in land use decisions in the U.S., in contrast to more centralized government in other countries; he also discussed the evolving role of the federal government in housing assistance and choice, and the impact of transportation decisions on metropolitan development.

Gerry Brough, of Aberdeen, Scotland found an immediate connection between his experience at the INTA Congress and his work as Economic and Business Development Project Director for Aberdeen. A mid-sized port city with an economy oriented toward international trade and investment, Aberdeen fit neatly into the INTA conference theme of an “intermediate metropolis.” Mr. Brough agreed with other participants that INTA’s biggest asset is its global network. He was impressed that, “the network is not just public sector” and offered the “opportunity to connect with senior private sector officials focused on [urban] regeneration.”

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