INTA35 – Metropolises: development strategies and alliances – NAHRO Report

Report from our American partner NAHRO on the INTA35 conference U.S. representatives at INTA 35 included a delegation of four NAHRO members. NAHRO delegation member Joseph Gray was impressed by “the opportunity to have a growing relationship with an international urban development organization” and stated, “It’s clear that INTA has a broader membership that goes […]

INTA34 – Réinventer la région urbaine – Conclusions générales

La troisième rencontre du Conseil mondial du développement urbain (CMDU) a évoqué les questions implicites posées dans le programme du Congrès de l’INTA à Saint Sébastien sur la nature et le futur du développement métropolitain: Peut-on efficacement poser la question de la métropole et proposer l’horizon d’un grand territoire cohérent sans avoir préalablement précisé au […]

INTA34 – Rethinking your urban region – Sessions reports

SUMMARY – Together we face the challenge of accelerating change and instantaneous communication, although the impact may be manifested differently in societies and places throughout the world. – Past concepts of an idealised ‘utopia’ and old rule books are no longer relevant as management tools today. – Rather than be shaped and driven by change […]

INTA34 – Reinventar la región urbana – Informe de las sesiones

RESUMEN – Juntos nos enfrentamos al reto de acelerar el cambio y la comunicación instantánea, aunque el impacto se manifieste de forma diferente en las sociedades y lugares en todo el mundo. – Conceptos pasados de una idealizada “utopía” y viejos libros de reglas ya no son relevantes hoy en día como herramientas de gestión. […]

INTA42 – Technical visit 3: Reducing spatial inequalities – inclusive neighbourhoods

Slideshow presentation Speakers: Thorsten Gebhards Rostock’s Company for urban renewal, urban development and housing construction with LtD (RGS) Christian Hanke Neighbourhood manager Dierkow “Volkssolidarität“ district chapter city of Rostock registered association begegnungszentrum-dierkow/ Barbara Genschow Institute of Economics for Market Research, Evaluation, Structure Ellen Fiedelmeier & Maria Schulz Entrepreneur Association Rostock Mecklenburg-West Pomerania […]

INTA42 – Technical visit 2: Nurturing the hidden champions of medium-sized cities, case Regiopolis Rostock

How Regiopolis Rostock can become more successful in the competition for talents, experts and high potentials? First steps towards a strategy: Living close to the city center and working on “high potentials with entrepreneurial affinity” fare from usual “technology center approach” and the usual middle class´ individual solutions: Constitution and settlement of a metropolitan city […]

INTA42 – Technical visit 1: Creation of urban value: waterfront renewal

Regiopole Rostock is a growing and prosperous community. Rostock prepares its quantum leap: the city center of the polycentric city is to be extended. According to development studies Rostock and its catchment area serve about 550.000 inhabitants. The historic inner city center and its western outskirts have been renewed during last 28 years. To raise […]

INTA41 – Partnerships for sustainable cities and communities – Report

This Congress organised alongside the City of Malmö and the Nordic City Network, was an opportunity to share experience and good practice with city leaders and urban practitioners from around the globe – 23 countries were represented. The sessions featured thematic discussions on partnerships for sustainable cities and communities with technical visits and workshops demonstrating […]