Tall buildings in Gdansk: fashion or necessity?

In Poland tall buildings are an important topic of debate and nowhere more so than in Gdansk.

The Pomeranian metropolis is set to grow significantly over the next two decades. Change in population and jobs growth will increase demands for the better use of residential and increasingly commercial office space. This is a vital issue, as without a well thought out response there is the risk of households and companies leaving Gdansk for more attractive cities.

The challenge for Gdansk policy makers is to provide the right type and quality of new space. Tall buildings could offer a solution to the expansion needs.

The advisory panel on Smart High Rise Buildings: fashion or necessity, commissioned to INTA analyses the role and contribution tall and very tall buildings could make to Gdansk’s urban future.

The INTA Panel focused on Gdansk situation making use of detailed planning studies compiled by our Polish colleagues from the Gdansk Development Agency and the information collected in the course of local interviews. Planning policies and attitudes to tall buildings in the city, but also elsewhere in Europe and the USA, have been examined. Proposals and conditions for a vertical future of Gdansk are included.

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