INTA39 – GIVING THE CITY BACK TO ITS INHABITANT: Climate, Habitat, Development goals -Report

The challenges of sustainable development have never been as acute as now, with high risks of severe  fractures: environmental and energy transitions, brutal and massive migrations, social and territorial  inequalities, shortages of public fundingfor urban development… Between the recent conferences on the Millennium Development Goals in New York, the Climate  Conference in Paris and Habitat […]

INTA37 – Developing sustainable and resilient cities: new urban policy, new business agenda

Cities around the world are facing growing levels of social unrest over rising inequality, austerity, unemployment, political inefficiency and institutional failure. These social movements reflects the shift of power away from traditional institutions first towards communities and individuals, but also to businesses whose leaders understand and act on the big trends shaping our future. The […]

INTA35 – Métropole: voisinages et politiques d’alliances – Conclusions

Les travaux du 35e congrès de l’INTA se sont déroulés sur cinq jours à Grenoble et Lyon et ont pu bénéficier de ce fait de la présentation des réflexions autour des dynamiques métropolitaines en voie d’organisation autour de ces deux grandes agglomérations de Rhône-Alpes.Au cours des travaux du Conseil Mondial du Développement Urbain (CMDU), Gérard […]

INTA35 – Métropole: voisinages et politiques d’alliances – Note de synthèse

L’urbanisation rapide et la mondialisation accélèrent le processus de métropolisation. Les dynamiques métropolitaines redéfinissent et recomposent les territoires où les gens vivent, travaillent, consomment et créent. Ces multiples interactions d’acteurs, d’échelles de territoires et de fonctions fabriquent aujourd’hui les territoires les plus performants. Elles dessinent les composantes d’un « espace métropolitain », échelon territorial privilégié […]

INTA34 – Reinventar la región urbana – Conclusiones generales

Reinventar la región urbana ha sido el tema central del Congreso y San Sebastián fue el escenario de este encuentro que nos ha permitido compartir nuestros éxitos y dificultades, nuestras dudas y esperanzas, pero sobre todo nos ha permitido proporcionar a nuestros miembros y al público congregado una enorme fuente de inspiración para revelar plenamente […]

INTA34 – Rethinking your urban region – Final conclusions

Reinventing the Urban Region has been the main theme of the Congress and San Sebastian was the setting for this meeting which allowed to share successes and difficulties, doubts and hopes, but mostly provided INTA members and the gathered public a tremendous source of inspiration to reveal the potential of our urban areas. The territory […]

INTA 33 – Innovation and Urban Sustainability

Identifying problems and coming up with solutions are at the basis of human success . Crisis and innovation are thus closely interlinked.The feeding ground for innovation is most fertile in state of crisis. “The bigger the problem, the bigger the need for new, viable ideas and thus the likelier the success of innovation.” (Mart Grisel) […]

INTA33 – Innovation in urban services

World wide, there are about 557 000 local authorities that gather talent and investment. It is the biggest market in the world, but too often the private sector neglects the importance of this huge market. Cities are not anymore able to relaunch their economy alone so they need new mecanisme and some innovative companies could […]

INTA33 – Innovation and mobility

New relationship with mobility The question of transportation and mobility has been submitted to radical changes of uses and values. Indeed we could notice a new time relationship with an increase of time of transportation. One a the answer for a better mobility in our cities could be to use more this time of transportation […]