INTA34 - Rethinking your urban region - Sessions reports

- Together we face the challenge of accelerating change and instantaneous communication, although the impact may be manifested differently in societies and places throughout the world.

- Past concepts of an idealised ‘utopia’ and old rule books are no longer relevant as management tools today.

- Rather than be shaped and driven by change we should seek to be proactive and positively shape change and thus deliver transformation.

- The new ‘guidebook’ won’t be a universal solution, a detailed master plan or a rigid ‘sat nav’ with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It will anticipate trends, present fresh perspectives and foster innovation in technology,design, governance, planning tools and financial systems that will help us to continuously adjust, manage and adapt. We will apply and tailor these perspectives to our own circumstances, resources and cultures.

- People must be central to all we do. ‘Nothing about us, without us, is for us.’ The greatest legacy we can leave future generations is that of genuine engagement, equity, inclusion and promotion of diversity.

- Using and developing technology is essential but as a means to make better more efficient places and better societies rather than an end it itself

- New models of sustainability should reflect a range of territorial perspectives including the city in the metropolis, the city in the region, and in particular urban - rural relationships that respect the dignity of urban and rural poor.

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