Cáceres Open Lab : Deliberación urbana Ribera del Marco

Cáceres, que cuenta con el casco antiguo más intacto que cualquier otra ciudad española, ha venido creciendo sobre la parte oeste de su territorio dando espalda a los muros de la Ciudad. La interpretación arqueológica reciente de la fortaleza, el redescubrimiento del pozo antiguo y la reactivación de la Vía de la Plata, crean una […]

Tenjin Meiji-dori Avenue District – The Future of a 3D High-street

At the request of the Tenjin Meiji-dori Ave. Development Council (MDC), INTA assembled a panel of experienced international practitioners in urban regeneration and planning to assist in the redevelopment of the central area of Fukuoka. Some of the panellists were already familiar with Japan and its cities, but the City of Fukuoka was new to […]

Tall buildings in Gdansk: fashion or necessity?

In Poland tall buildings are an important topic of debate and nowhere more so than in Gdansk. The Pomeranian metropolis is set to grow significantly over the next two decades. Change in population and jobs growth will increase demands for the better use of residential and increasingly commercial office space. This is a vital issue, […]

Hsinchu 3.0, City of the Future

Reflections stemming from the panel’s work in Hsinchu, focusing on development principles for the whole site and in particular for the new Campus. The whole area is branded “Hsinchu 3.0, City of the future” to describe a new type of development, integrating the latest notions and techniques of urban sustainability. Also a demonstration that a […]

Nador – Métropole Méditerranéenne

L’agence pour l’Oriental a demandé une intervention d’un panel de l’INTA pour : Proposer une nouvelle image urbaine de Nador à partir d’une analyse du tissu urbain de l’agglomération et de concevoir les éléments d’un projet urbain qui assure les conditions d’un développement harmonieux et durable du territoire. La question qui se pose est comment […]

A Dialogue on Urban Development between Europe and Japan

Niigata has the assets to project itself internationally Niigata presents a wide range of opportunities to assert itself as region and as city i.e. as a regional gateway; both the city and the Prefecture of Niigata have many of the features identified earlier to play a major role at all levels: international, national, regional Niigata […]

La polarité Givordine – la ville intermédiaire retrouvée dans le contexte métropolitain

L’enjeu territorial pour Givors est celui d’une inscription de la polarité givordine dans la dynamique de projets d’ambition métropolitaine : anneau des sciences, arc de la santé, le Rhône technologique, le campus fluvial et high tech. Pour le Grand Lyon l’enjeu est de desserrer les anneaux technologiques autour du cœur d’agglomération, d’étendre la vitrine de […]

Tainan – Sustainable Growth of Historical and Waterfront areas

A vision contributing to regional and national policy objectives Opportunity to contribute to the improvement of climate change and reduction of carbon emissions both being singled out by the Taiwanese Authorities as national and regional priorities. These objectives need the engagement of local authorities and of all territories As tomorrow is being shaped by today’s […]