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Being a unique international network by its nature involving the participation of a wide range of private and public actors in the fields of urban development, INTA is the forum for all those who want to understand the transformations taking place in urban society, to influence policy and to access the instruments and information to control and manage their own future.

photo-6What is an INTA Congress ?
Most notably achieved through the annual World Urban Development Congress, INTA encourages better dialogue between policy leaders and key actors responsible for the development of urban areas.
The World Urban Congress provides a direct assessment of major urban and regional development projects through case study presentations, debates and technical on-site visits. Members have access to a platform to discuss urban issues of international significance with prominent officials, city leaders and managers. The Congress allows key urban players to exchange experiences and methods.

 Congress list

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INTA43 in Paris - 24.01.2020

The 43rd INTA Annual Conference will be held on January 24, 2019 in Paris. he title already points to the meaning of the INTA43 Congress; borne out of the New Towns movement, INTA accompanies and participates in the evolution of the urban concepts and practices. Today, the priority is to accompany the places and the traditional urban actors as… Read more

INTA42 in Rostock - 19.09.2018

The 42nd Annual Congress to be held in Germany, a first for INTA, has the ambition to facilitate the dialogue among all urban stakeholders irrespective of their scale of involvement, nor of their sector of activities: private, public or third sector. The Congress in the Hanseatic city of Rostock, in the North East of Germany, is an opportunity to… Read more
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INTA41 in Malmö - 16.04.2018

INTA41 WORLD URBAN CONGRESS MALMO, 16 -17 APRIL 2018 PARTNERSHIPS FOR SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES "In my opening remarks, at the inauguration of our 41st Congress, while highlighting the issues the cities are facing, I called for optimism about the development of cities. The quality of our debates, the innovations noted in the technical… Read more

INTA40 in Lisbon, 27.11.2016

Living, Building, Financing the City post Habitat III Habitat III conference adopted in Quito a New Urban Agenda (NUA) to accompany cities and territories in their transition, mutation and transformation. With its Initiative for Habitat III, INTA proposes a clarification of those forthcoming changes that are unavoidable challenges.Those changes… Read more
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INTA39 in Paris, 24.11.2015

Download the Congress report Message of the President for the closing of the Congress: Dear colleagues, dear friends, The painful events that struck the French people and also neighbour countries made us ask ourselves if we should maintain our 39th Congress. We hesitated, but cancelling the Congress would have meant that the fear prevailed over… Read more
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INTA38 in Tallinn - 25.01.2015

38th World urban development congress Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn SCOPE The pressures of global population growth, increased urbanisation, aspirations for an ever-improving quality of life, and the urgent need to control CO2 emissions, coupled with the growing competitiveness of cities in their desire to build strong local… Read more
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INTA37 in Hanoi - 02.12.2013

Hanoi, the Capital City of Vietnam is hosting the 37th INTA World Congress from 2nd to 4th of December.The two-day Congress will make a particularly intense programme with pre-Congress technical visits starting on December 2nd. The INTA 37th World Urban Development Congress will be the opportunity to find solutions to what will be be the next… Read more

INTA 36 in Paris - 16.12.2012

INTA36 16-18 December, PARISMaison de la RATP, 54 quai de la Rapée 75012 Paris Members of INTA have heard of the difficulties surrounding the proposition to hold the 36th Congress in the USA. Many organizations and local authorities are experiencing huge problems in public and private finance, which impact also on delegates who might have thought… Read more
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INTA35 in Grenoble & Lyon - 06.10.2011

“Exit, Voice, Loyalty” METROPOLISES: DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES AND ALLIANCES INTA's 35th World Urban Development Congress took place in the Rhone-Alpes region in the cities of Lyon and Grenoble, France, 6-10 November 2011. The Congress was organised in partnership with Grand Lyon, Grenoble Alpes Metropole, the City of Grenoble and the City of Lyon… Read more
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INTA34 in San Sebastian - 26.02.2010

INTA President announces INTA34 Congress in San Sebastian The future of urban territory – urban region, city, neighbourhood - will be knowledge-based. The city is a space for creation and dissemination of innovation facilitated by the concentration of interactions between learning, research, innovation, services, and production activities.… Read more
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INTA33 in Taiwan - 4.10.2009

INTA33 World Urban Development Congress - 4-8 October 2009 - Taiwan INNOVATIVE URBAN ENVIRONMENTS Today’s turbulent times make it necessary to reinvent our methods and instruments for the sustainable development of our territories. Innovation in technology-enabled services can have a major impact on urban development, the competitiveness and… Read more
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INTA32 in Riga - 26.10.2008

Because the world is changing rapidly and is facing insistent climate, energy, social and economic challenges, Creativity and Innovation are needed more than ever. If people have to be more creative, so do place, cities and territories, where now the majority of the world population is living. After the INTA Congress in Belfast that anticipated on… Read more

INTA30 in Belfast - 08.10.2006

We are on the verge of a new era – for the first time human capital, imagination and intelligence are the keys to success for cities, regions and communities. Being competitive in a global market will depend on human ingenuity and innovation more than on natural resources, labour or location. Yet paradoxically progress is threatened by social… Read more

Past Congresses

INTA28 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 2004 Metropoles in movement INTA27 - Paris, France - 2003 The new conflicts of urban development: new models for cities and territories INTA26 – The Hague, Netherlands - 2002 Metropolisation : territorial dynamics INTA25 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 2001New Dimensions of Urban Development: NTIC for local… Read more

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